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Basement Crack Repair

Eventually you may notice cracks in your basement walls or floors. If the cracks are ignored, they could turn into serious problems. They will start to let water, mildew and mold into your home. The cracks become a health problem as well as a structural problem. Ajax Basement Waterproofing can solve your basement and foundation problems with our basement crack repair services. Basement crack repairs will stop any current water intrusion and will prevent any further structural damage. You can save thousands in extensive repairs by caring for your basement cracks today. Call us today for a free estimate or to make an appointment.

Crack Repairs
Ajax Basement Waterproofing can solve all your crack repairs today. Do you have cracks that are leaking water or covered with mold? Let us solve this health hazard today. We can arrive and seal the crack while cleaning and sanitizing it to ensure no mold will grow. We will have your cracks sealed quickly with the highest quality products available. Once repaired you can rest easy no more water will enter your basement and no further damage to your foundation will occur. We can solve your wall or basement floor cracking issues.

Basic Causes to Cracks
There are several causes for cracks in your foundation or basement walls. Shrinkage and settling happen shortly after a house is built. They can cause hairline cracks that will grow over time. Movement of your home is the most common cause of cracks. These can happen over time or quickly. Our repair contractors are experts at all causes of cracking. We can handle foundation repair, basement cracks, flooring cracks and weeping tile repairs in your basement. We are the best crack repair service in Ajax, ON.

Weeping Tile Repair
We can handle all your weeping tile repairs at your home. If you have a weeping tile system, we can care for it. A weeping tile drain manages water at ground level and prevents water from ever entering your basement. Exterior piping is installed on your property that has water flow away from your home. The system will need maintenance to run effectively. Your system will need to be clean of leaves and debris. We can handle your seasonal maintenance to ensure the water flows freely away from your home. Once the maintenance is complete you can trust that your basement will be free of water.

Waterproofing Service
Once we finish fixing your crack repairs, we can provide the best waterproofing service in Ajax. Ajax Basement Waterproofing is a full-service basement waterproofing company and can provide interior or exterior waterproofing after our crack repairs. Waterproofing your basement will prevent future cracks related to water exposure. Your foundation is the structural hub of your home and needs to be dry and crack free. We have options that will repair your home and then waterproof it against any future damage. Contact our customer service team today for a free quote on any of our waterproofing or repair services.