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Basement Underpinning

Ajax Basement Waterproofing is an experienced basement underpinning service. We offer a variety of options that can help you add a new living area to your home. If you have a crawl space or a basement, we have options for your home. Let us design a gym, home office, living room or play area that you will be excited to come home to. Our team has helped hundreds of homeowners and rooms and value to their home. Give us a call today to discuss our basement underpinning services today.

What is Basement Underpinning
Basement underpinning is a process that is used to increase your foundation’s depth. We can utilize basement underpinning on crawl spaces or existing basements. Underpinning your home is generally used to add extra livable space or to add stability to your home. Underpinning is also an effective way to stabilize an older house or to reinforce its foundation. Basement underpinning is a great option for homeowners who wish to add living space to their home and who would like to see their home’s value increase. If you are interested in the process, give our team a call today and we can discuss your options.

Underpinning Process
So, what should you expect when our contractors arrive at your home? First the basement will be cleared, and your current concrete floor will be removed. We can then begin to remove soil from the excavated floor. Once we arrive at the desired depth, new interior drainage, sewage and sump pump can be installed. Next, we waterproof your basement both internally and externally. Finally, a new concrete floor is installed. Your final product will be a room that is livable, clean and moisture free. Our expert contractors work quickly and efficiently and provide the highest quality product. Your new basement will be safe, secure, waterproof and ready to move in.

Basement Waterproofing
All our basement underpinning work includes basement waterproofing. While we rebuild your basement, we take time to ensure you will have no future water issues. We will provide interior and exterior waterproofing to your new basement and solve any foundation leaks during the process. Any cracks or damage to your foundation walls will be repaired during the process as well. Your basement will have a newly designed drainage system that will ensure water is removed properly. The result will be a dry, odorless basement that you and your family can enjoy.

Benefits of a Livable Basement
Have you considered a finished basement but still are not sure about it? A modern, well-finished basement will be just as beautiful as the main floors of your home. After the basement underpinning process is complete, you will have a room that is live-in ready. The underpinning will also stabilize your foundation and provide a much stronger support for your home. Finally, it’s a great way to increase the value of your home. Adding livable square meters to your home is the easiest way to add value to your home. Our designers are ready today to help you finish your dream basement.