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Drain Repair

The most effective way to keep your basement dry is to have an effective drainage system. Your home may have an interior or exterior drainage system. Sometimes it will have both. Your exterior drainage system may need maintenance if you notice clogs or water near the outside of your home. Ajax Basement Waterproofing can provide a solution to all your exterior drainage problems. Similarly, your interior system can experience problems as well. If either are not working properly, your basement may experience cracks and damage. We have expert technicians ready to tackle your toughest drain repair issues.

Drain Repair and Maintenance
We have an expert team of contractors that can handle all your drain repairs and maintenance. If your home has an interior or exterior drainage system, we are experienced on both and will get your drainage running smoothly. Are you experiencing flooding in your basement? You may need repairs to your drains or sump pump. Flooding can be a health hazard as mildew and mold may grow. We have emergency drain repair services for those in need. Our drain repair technicians are knowledgeable on all types of home drainage systems. Let us help you avoid basement water damage today!

Interior Basement Drainage
An interior basement drainage system is a cost-effective way to provide your home with water protection. An interior drain runs along the walls of your basement and directs water to your sump pump. The water is then discharged from the home. Ajax Basement Waterproofing offers different options for your internal drainage. We can also provide you with maintenance and cleaning for your drainage. Dirt, dust and debris can clog the system which could cause flooding. Let our experts look today and get your sump pump and its drains working smoothly.

Exterior Waterproofing Drainage
An exterior drainage system is your first line of defense against water damage. If your system is running smooth it will direct water far away from your home and keep your foundation and basement dry. If it’s not working, you could end up with foundation leaks, basement cracks and basement water damage. We handle all types of exterior drainage repair and maintenance. Once our drain repair service is complete you will have an effective exterior waterproofing system that will keep you and your home dry.

Interior vs Exterior
Which water drainage system is best for your home? Both systems have their pros and cons. Interior waterproofing is generally cheaper and takes up less space. The main con is that interior waterproofing doesn’t solve the problem of water in your home. It only manages the problem. Exterior waterproofing never lets water into your home. You should never experience water issues if you exterior waterproofing is working correctly. Unfortunately, it is costly as compared to interior and also requires excavation outside your home. We can help you decide what is best for you. Give our customer service team at Ajax Basement Waterproofing a call today.