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Sump Pump Installation

Your sump pump is the last line of defense against water in your home. A failed sump pump could result in a flooded basement and extensive damage to your home and possessions. You may accumulate huge clean-up costs as well. Flooding in your basement could be devastating. If you’ve noticed your sump pump failing or need a new one, we can provide you with the perfect pump for your home and budget. We can also repair and maintain your currently running sump pump and drainage system.

Sump Pump Use
Your sump pump standi in the sump pit of your basement. This is the catch all for your interior basement waterproofing system. Drains along each wall of your basement direct water to your sump pump. The Sump pump will activate automatically when the water reaches a certain level. Once activated the pump will begin sending water out of your drainage system and out of your home. The pumps generally run on your home’s electricity but can also have battery back-ups or manual back-up in case of electricity failure. Keeping your sump pump running efficiently is the most important part of your interior waterproofing.

Types of Sump Pumps
We can help you choose the perfect sump pump for your home and budget. Primary sump pumps are used in most residences. They can pump thousands of gallons an hour and will keep your basement safe and dry. Battery backup sump pumps can be added to your home that can help you during power outages. They are a great option to add to your current interior waterproofing system. Combination sump pumps offer both electric and battery back-up in one package. Although they are more expensive, they offer the best protection available for your home.

Sump Pump Install
Once you decide on the type of sump pump, we have experienced contractors that will install it. We can handle your sump pump install on your new or existing home. We will design the sump pit for your new install, so the interior waterproofing flows the water to the correct position. Your pump will be expertly installed in no time and you will have confidence that your basement will be dry.

Sump Pump and Interior Waterproofing System Repairs
Perhaps your current interior waterproofing system just needs some tender loving care. Your sump pump can only run effectively when the water flows to it. If your drainage is clogged, no water will be removed from your home. We can also do yearly check-ups on your current sump pump if you feel it is not running efficiently. Sometimes a simple drainage cleaning could be the solution to your basement water problems. Ajax Basement Waterproofing has many waterproofing maintenance options that will keep your sump pump running smoothly. Yearly maintenance to your sump pump and interior waterproofing is a great option that will help you avoid costly future repairs to your home. We also offer window well service.