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Window Well

Ajax Basement Waterproofing has an expert team of contractors to meet all your window well needs. Adding window wells to your existing or new home is a great idea. The well will provide your basement with needed light. In addition to light, your window wells provide an emergency exit from your basement. This may be required by code and our window wells meet all specifications. Your window wells will keep water and dirt at bay and provide proper drainage away from your home. We also offer a variety of window well covers that will ease the maintenance of your window wells and provide a safety net around the well.

Window Well Basics
A window well is a dug-out area surrounding your basement windows. It provides light and air from the outside into your basement. If you have basement window that are below grade, you will need window wells. Natural light can add a whole other dimension to your finished basement. Proper window wells will provide your basement with adequate natural lighting. In addition to providing light, you window well may provide an emergency exit from your basement. The window well keeps moisture and dirt from the windows. We can provide construction of your window wells or repair of your current ones

Window Well Construction
The window well is a semi-circular excavation around each of your basement windows. Ajax Basement Waterproofing can provide a team of expert contractors to install or repair your window wells. We will excavate and install your wells. The wells will provide proper drainage away from your home and ensure your basement waterproofing is effective. Once drainage install is complete, the excavation is surrounded in plastic, steel or concrete to prevent the hole from collapsing. Once your new window wells are complete you will have more sunlight in your basement while preventing water and dirt from encroaching on your basement.

Window Well Maintenance
We have an expert team that can handle your window well maintenance. Over the seasons, your window wells will fill with debris. Leaves, dirt, and other organic matter can clog your drainage system. This could cause water issues in your basement. Ajax Basement Waterproofing can provide window well maintenance for your home. Periodically, we can arrive and care for your water wells and water drainage system. Seasonal, preventive care will ensure your basement and home is dry. We have service technicians available that can handle your toughest window well maintenance today.

Window Well Covers
Window well covers are a great option if you want to avoid issues related to maintenance. A window well cover will make maintenance easy. Leaves and dirt are blocked from the window well and provide drainage away from your home. A window well cover also provides a safety net around the well. Since the well is a hole it can be a hazard for children, pets and animals. The window well cover will prevent anything falling into your well. Finally, your window well cover can increase your home’s energy efficiency. The window well cover adds an extra layer to your basement windows that can assist holding in the heat or cold in your basement. Find out much more details about us.